STERCK LIVE the correct address for the rent of your house is. Personal service, there goes it at us for! By many years' experience in this market have Sterck live a large reputationreputation reputation and a considerable network built. Sterck live has been dovetailed the large rural and local advertisement sites. This makes great it for our possible your object at a such a possible network of potential tenants under the attention bring to be able. We cooperate closely with HR departments of large multinationals but have also connections with the service organisations which is frequently involved in accompanying foreign removals of expats. Property well let, temporarily in our country staying, foreign employees of international companies is an attractive option. The company stands in many cases guarantor for both the tenant and complying with the obligations resulting from the lease. As a landlord himself find such a suitable tenant is cumbersome, expats are with difficulty a contactable target group, we have these contacts. Complete recommendation we go in-depth work where a bezichtiging and an exploratory conversation can be considered as a departure point. When we know what your wishes and the possibilities of your immovable property has been inventoried, we let us can give a targeted recommendation you. The following aspects play an important role: - Verhuurbaarheid - the rent - upholstered and/or furnished - rule and legislation comes which look at rent of immovable property during the whole rent route supplying we expert recommendation and assisting and mediate at possible questions concerning for example the implementation of the lease, maintenance ..... target group finding the correct tenant is our challenge. We aim our exclusively at expatriates, which for a certain time (from some months up to a couple year varying) by their employer in the Netherlands are stationed. Depending on the period and family composition it a furnished or gestoffeerd apartment or house will go. Upholstered or furnished upholstered: Below it is understood that foresee the house is of floor covering (wooden floor, moquette, plavuizen etc.) curtains and reduction. The kitchen has arranged with equipment. A washing machine and drier are present. Furnished: The house has completely arranged. From lounge suite to beds, from kitchen institution to linens. On was personal stuff after must the new occupant take along nothing. Services when you are in search of active broker, personal attention and experiences people, takes contact then rested with us for free of charge and without engagement a rent recommendation. As soon as we have received a signed task to service for rent we let us go directly active in search of a suitable tenant. For otd click here our service exists among other things from the following points: - Advice concerning the possibilities for rent - in consultation determine of the asking price - inform concerning the law and legislation on the rent market - make photograph and description of your house - seating of your house on the web site of Sterckwonen.nl - seating of your house on several Internet sites; Pararius.com, huurwoningen.nl, Houselink, house seeker, Kamer.nl, house line, rent stunt, lamexpat, chamber stunt - offer of your house within our own network - Bezichtigingen of the house with potentiele tenants - negotiations with candidate tenants - essays of the lease - standard inventory - Oplevering of the house, drawing up of an inspection give recommendation report and taking the meter cogs - annual information supplies concerning CBS figures for the possibility of indexing the rent - on request during the current lease. More knows concerning the rent possibilities by means of Sterck lives? Bel of numbers mentioned below for a without engagement, exploratory conversation Tel: 045 - 744 0 444 or email: info@sterckwonen.nld